Cutting Edge Science Track

The Cutting Edge Science Track (formerly known as the International Symposium on Dosimetry and Molecular Radiotherapy)  will take place during the 33rd Annual Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine.


The International Symposium on Dosimetry and Molecular Radiotherapy (Do.MoRe) has taken place during the Annual Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine for five consecutive years. It resulted from a series of interesting and important radiopharmaceutical and dosimetry symposia held from 1970 onwards and then continued at the 2004 EANM Congress and the 2009 SNM Congress. These symposia were formerly known as ISTARD (the International Symposium on Targeted Radiotherapy and Radiopharmaceutical Dosimetry). Since 2015, the symposia have been organised annually in parallel with the EANM Congress and the name was changed to Do.MoRe in order to emphasise the importance of dosimetry.

This year, it was decided together with the chairs of the committees involved to reorganize this separate track within the EANM Congress. The aim of this reorganization is to bring together all of the disciplines concerned with physics, dosimetry and radiobiology and to provide attendees with the most cutting edge innovations in these fields. Medical physics is a complex specialty which covers a broad range of areas ranging from the development of new detectors/imaging equipment to image reconstruction and quantification, dosimetry, tracer kinetics, radiobiology and radiation protection. Today’s new challenges include the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into most of these technical areas as well as its eventual implementation in clinical practice. Therefore, we decided to rename this track and give priority to the presentation of the most innovative aspects of all of these disciplines. In addition, one major objective is to enhance the interaction between all of these disciplines given their prominent role within the field of nuclear medicine by promoting a deeper interdisciplinary scientific discussion. Consequently, there will be more featured sessions which combine guest speakers and paper presentations and which involve clinical contributors.

The Cutting Edge Science Track will start with many featured sessions (combining guest speakers and paper presentations) throughout the main congress days and an outstanding plenary session concerning “Total Body PET”. In addition, some mid-congress symposia, namely with “Artificial Intelligence in Image Acquisition, Reconstruction and Processing”, “Lutetium Therapy”, and “Improved insights on Radiobiology” have been planned.

The EANM Committees of Dosimetry, Radiation Protection, and Physics will coordinate the scientific programme for the meeting jointly with the support of the Congress Chair.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to EANM’20. Be part of it!


Mark Konijnenberg, EANM Dosimetry Committee
Søren Holm, EANM Radiation Protection Committee
Dimitris Visvikis, EANM Physics Committee