Welcome Words by the Chair of the Technologist Committee

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

On behalf of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine Technologist Committee, I kindly invite you to join us at the 33rd Annual Congress of the EANM. It will take place in Vienna, Austria, from 17 to 21 October 2020.


This year, the EANM congress will once again provide a full program dedicated to technologists. The focus will be on topics that are important for current practice in the nuclear medicine field, a sector in which scientific and technological advancements have been great. A wide range of subjects will be covered during the Congress. These will include quality control and calibration of instrumentation for imaging and dosimetry, updates in pediatric and neuroendocrine tumor imaging and topics such as departmental organization and advanced competencies.

As in previous years, the chosen topics will be addressed in seven Continuous Technologist Education (CTE) sessions and three mini-courses (MC), during which specialists will share their expertise and knowledge with the audience. There will be the opportunity for debate and active participation through the creation of special interactive sessions.

We are very proud to announce that one talk as part of the “Total Body PET” plenary on Sunday will focus on “Challenges for Technologists”.

Another new feature at this year’s edition will be the Pre-Congress Symposium for Technologists on Saturday. The “Introduction to Dosimetry“ session will be a full-day symposium. There are a limited number of seats which can be booked while registering online for an additional charge.

Additionally, as a reflection of the Technologist Committee’s international reach, sessions will be held with the participation of U.S. representatives from the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging – Technologist Section (SNMMI-TS).

Owing to its visibility and the number of attendees, the EANM Annual Congress offers an excellent opportunity to share original research and clinical work, and the EANM-TC will be accepting abstracts from nuclear medicine technologists and related clinical scientists. To provide space for participants to present the results of their work, three oral presentation sessions and four e-poster presentations will take place during the Congress. As in recent years, we expect that these sessions will be of very high quality and offer a useful means to promote and share work. As an additional motivating factor, an award will be given to the best three oral presentations as well as the best e-poster presentation. The EANM Office will be receiving abstracts until 25 April 2020.

A vast number of professionals from across the entire world will come together at this unique event, making it a great opportunity to share knowledge and experience and to strengthen bonds.

Finally, we would like to share the news that the annual Technologist Interest Meeting will be held during the Vienna ’20 Congress. All nuclear medicine technologists and clinical scientists who are interested in the current endeavors of the EANM-TC are invited to attend this meeting. Continuing in the same vein as last year, the meeting will aim to be more interactive in nature at this year’s event, whereby the audience will be invited to give their opinion and a show of hands counted.


With my best regards,
Andrea Santos
Chair, EANM Technologist Committee